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Time for a Change in Our Services!

Software Asset Management is changing its name to:

The Business Technology Consumer Network

Our focus has shifted from consulting to delivering knowledge to software and technology asset managers around the world. We are helping you build a communication network of asset managers to share knowledge and enhance this profession. Come join us--at no cost. Become part of the solution:


Discovery tools generate a huge amount of unnecessary data.

Want immediately useful - understandable - results?
Contact us

We can help you reach these real world bottom lines:


Quick and accurate implementation of a software license discovery tool;


Precise documentation of your licenses - rights of use, terms and conditions;


Effective proactive implementation of compliance agency requirements;


Peace of mind - you no longer have to worry about non compliant software!

You can easily have critical systems utilization information generated and you'll be reading the reports in as little as twenty-four hours!  What's more - that data will actually be useful!  Why are you spending tens of thousands of dollars on consulting fees to implement a discovery tool that requires months to configure and a team of half dozen technical people to administer?   Is this your personal corporate nightmare?  Contact us now, for a more peaceful night's rest.

We constantly communicate with individuals who inform us that they know precisely what applications and version numbers are configured on all their corporate systems. This is great news to us: At last some IT folks who honestly know where everything is located. 

However, as we discuss their systems further, we discover that most of them know where everything is located because they had been assured the information was valid by their technical personnel.  In truth, these companies are relying on word of mouth assurances and have no written record or documentation to back up their claim of compliance.

If any compliance agency calls to perform an audit, these companies would be defenseless.  Word of mouth assurances are not very useful before a federal judge.

Don't take "word of mouth" assurance of your compliance with software licensing issues.  Do you honestly know specifically what software is configured on your corporate systems?  Even down to screen savers?  (Remember, if you are ever audited - the agencies audit everything.  ANY software for which you have no license is a violation of federal copyright law.)  Determine - factually and demonstrably - what you are using and where it is being used.  Have those figures immediately at hand and constantly updated.

Software Asset Management Services professionals can help you protect yourself from potential legal action through our methodologies of documenting your holdings.  Don't be caught defenseless.  Contact us BEFORE a compliance team contacts you.

Key Benefits SAMs can bring to your organization

bulletProven documentation of ownership and inventory
bulletCredible processes in place which demonstrate you are "on top" of the compliance issue
bulletAbility to quickly and accurately monitor your actual software holdings for over or under licensing issues
bulletA third party to verify your documentation should you ever be audited


SAMs professionals know and understand software licensing issues - from exploration of potential usefulness through license negotiations strategies and ongoing monitoring for currency.   Allow us to help your company implement the most economic vehicle for tracking software inventory and utilization.  

Questions & Considerations

bulletAre your definitions of "site" and "enterprise" licenses the same as those of your vendors?
bulletAre you absolutely certain you understand how shareware is licensed?
bulletDo you have any "freeware" in house?
bulletDo you know exactly what software, versions, releases, & etc. you have on your systems?
bulletPrecisely what does a "Named User" license entail?
bulletAre your "road warriors" adding any personal applications to their notebook PCs?
bulletHow does your organization use and control corporate palmtop systems?
bulletIn the real world of rapid growth and change, are your IT personnel so pressed for time that they tend to "guesstimate" the number and location of configurations?
bulletCould you use some unbiased help bringing everything in line?

I'm convinced I can discover more.  Contact us!


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