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Becoming an easy copyright enforcement audit target is easy.  

Building an effective wall of due diligence is, too.

If you would rather be a hard target than an easy one, click HERE.

I'll help you do the rest.

Pirates Cover April.jpg (45051 bytes) Got Software?  Got Licenses?  Do your numbers match?  Can you PROVE it?

    If you read this book and follow the simple processes we discuss, you will not have to be concerned about enforcement audits.

Modern Pirates is the only resource of its kind.

This book unmasks the shadow world of copyright enforcement and provides you with strategies for ensuring that your company does not become an easy target for the dozens of global enforcement players.

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You are probably a Corporate Software Pirate!

Incredible as it seems, the odds are very high that you are!

The Business Software Alliance (BSA), Software Information Industry Association (SIIA), and a majority of the major software publishing corporations have your company under a license compliance microscope.  They know that due to your rapid growth curve over the past few years, coupled with the generally rapid turnover of technical expertise, use of consultants to configure systems, and other operational issues, the odds are good that your company has computer systems configured with "under-licensed" software. If you are using technology in the United States, there are well over 26 separate enforcement groups actively looking for you.

bulletThis is not an "if"; this is a definite statistical determination confirmed by BSA during a recent project:  "Almost one in four software installations in the US are illegal." (BSA sponsored study.)

If you are not operating within the United States, you are still a target.  For you, there are over one hundred distinct enforcement groups actively looking for violations of your national, as well as international copyright laws.

Each operating system and each application on each computer, PDA, Smart Phone or Cell Phone for which you cannot prove legal possession is a violation of Federal Copyright Law.  Period - Full Stop!

If the risks from operating systems & software aren't enough to get you off the mark, consider this:

If you have licensed fonts, licensed graphics, video or sound clips--ANY copyrighted products present in your systems for which you cannot document legal possession--YOU are an audit target.

As an officer of your corporation, the compliance organizations will hold YOU responsible for the violations.  Fines can start at $30,000 and range up to $150,000 and $250,000 per title infringed.   Even when you settle out of court or perform your own "voluntary" audit under the direction of an enforcement agency, you will STILL wind up paying significant penalties - i.e. a hefty fine, double (or triple) the value of every configured license infringed, cost of the audit, down time while the audit is performed, labor to remove & reload every illegal application, negative national publicity, and more!

Virtually every size corporation is at risk, here.  The BSA recently announced that they were perfectly willing to investigate companies with fewer than 30 computers!   The SIIA performed compliance reviews in over 1200 corporations in the past year alone!  During a single week in June of 2002, BSA collected over $3,000,000 just within the continental USA!

Don't play games with this issue, folks.  The compliance people are serious.   They are well within their rights as holders of the copyright for each application to enforce their terms and conditions.  They will win. 

Help us help you avoid this eventuality.  Look over our site.  Ask questions.   Get answers to compliance issues without risk to your organization.  Move in on this, now; before someone with clout moves in on you.  If you don't ask - you won't know until it's too late.


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