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Negotiations Strategies
Invoice Reconcilliation

ribbon_small.gif (2174 bytes) Have you forgotten what you felt on the 11th?  We haven't - and we never will. 

We will remember those human beings of all nations who lost their lives and those who lost loved ones in all the chaos that surrounded 9/11 and its aftermath. . .


If you are interested in strategies & methods for accomplishing the operational processes listed below, we can empower you to become more successful.

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Interested in reducing your IT expenditures?  Reducing your exposure to non compliance litigation? How about minimizing your hardware and software costs while maximizing potential utilization and real world - life cycle - ROI?

Of critical noteTechnology Asset Management (TAM) is NOT a quick fix single solution to all IT problems. TAM is a series of strategic steps, processes, procedures and tools which combine to enable you to very closely monitor your highly valuable IT assets across their entire life cycle. Most importantly, TAM is a mind-set.  To initiate change of this magnitude within the organization requires strong administrative buy-in and support over the long haul.

Gartner Group has informed us through multiple research projects that TAM will be a very effective cost reduction strategy for the next few years. The software asset management professional members of The Network have consistently identified  IT budgetary savings ranging from 10% through 30% following proactive implementation of effective TAM processes & tools.


Contact us about regaining control over your software asset management processes.  Our professionals can show you--and teach you--how to ensure that your licenses and utilization numbers are accurate at all times - current - complete - in half the time.

License Review and Documentation
Focused review, detailing and documentation of your corporate software licenses. This establishes, "What you are legally entitled to have."
Audit of Installed Software and Hardware Base
Point by point review of all computers to determine and document precisely what applications are configured on the corporate systems as well as the specific configurations of each hardware asset.  This establishes, "What you actually have."
Analysis and Reconciliation
Asset management personnel reconcile software ownership with installed base.  At this time we identify any potential under, or over, licensing of applications.  We can also make recommendations in terms of how to modify ownership to more fully comply with realistic needs.
Software Asset Management Systems
Asset management professionals work with your management team to identify and sources of potential systems tools to help you monitor and track configurations and license agreements.
Implementation Services
Asset management professionals assist internal personnel in implementing new software asset management applications.
Invoice Reconciliation
Are you sure of what you are paying for? Asset management professionals can help you make sure you get precisely the service and support you pay for by reconciling your invoicing with your latest inventory.
Mergers and Acquisitions
Companies with facilities around the world are being tapped by compliance enforcement agencies for the non compliance of a recently acquired organization. Learn how you can perform effective due diligence at long distance?

Please note:  We are all expected to be Information Technologies Asset Management and Software Licensing specialists. We may each know IT Asset Management, technology life cycle management or some other elements of the complex process of IT Portfolio Management, but we cannot individually know it all. This business is not a sideline for the membership of The Network.  It is what we are good at and our mutual focus is your assurance that you are part of the best network of global professionals possible.

Consider the sheer value to be derived when you can trust your professional knowledge and standards methodologies to be completely free of hidden vendor agendas or influence.

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