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Software Asset Management Services, Inc. is currently composed of five senior license project managers and eight primary project specialists.   These SAMs Certified Software Asset Managers (CSAM) are available on a consulting basis to assist you with your software asset management needs.  The CSAM is the most powerful certification in the IT asset management industry.  CSAMs are trained, certified and must renew their certifications to ensure that they are constantly updating their knowledge.  Do not confuse the CSAM less dynamic certifications: The CSAM is unique and covers real world IT asset management issues across the complex enterprise.

Generally, a SAMs project team consists of either a senior project manager / CSAM, or a project manager / CSAM, accompanied by one or more project specialists.  Each team is in turn supported by additional technical operations specialists who assist in analyzing and documenting agreements and data.  

SAMs retains multiple "SWAT Teams" composed of personnel skilled in network operations, desktop configuration, software license documentation, and operations of the major discovery tools as well as knowledge repositories.

We can work on or off site, depending on your needs.


Have you been tapped by a compliance agency to perform a voluntary audit?    Before you do ANYTHING, call us.  Do NOT admit to any wrong doing.   Do not agree to any action.  Do not make any changes in your systems.   Remain totally cooperative and above all honest about this issue.  Be polite but firm.  Contact a Software Asset Management Services, Inc. license manager immediately.  We have effective procedures in place to assist you in preparing your organization to survive the voluntary audit process.   This simple act could quite literally save your organization hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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