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Software Asset Management is changing its name to:

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Please review this partial list of projects and negotiations benefits accomplished by the Software Asset Management Services Team.  We're proud to have been of service to our clients and we do our best to ensure that your investment in SAM Services will exhibit a high degree of ROI.


bulletSAMs Certified Software Asset Manager saves client over $10,000,000 - Representing a client in a recent SAP negotiation, one of our software licensing experts negotiated licensing savings in excess of $10 million.
bulletSAMs closes IT Asset Management project for over 20,000 systems - The Software Services empowers a major banking firm to accurately and quickly perform a hardware and software audit on over 20,000 computing devices.
bulletSAMs CEO Selected by Kent State University Office of Corporate and Community Development - The Software Services CEO has been selected by Kent State University to develop and teach a series of Professional Development seminars in the areas of Negotiations, Project Management, Purchasing Information Technologies and Six Sigma Project Management. 
bulletSAMs works with company accused of receiving counterfeit software - The "other side" to counterfeit software settlements involves the corporations which unknowingly purchase the false product.  SAMs worked with one such victim to identify the counterfeit software, remove it from their systems and replace it with authentic product.  The corporation saved its good name as well as avoided potentially crippling fines.
bulletSAMs Certified Software Managers Assist Companies Involved in Cleveland Truce Event - The SAMs software license compliance audit teams were on deck during the February 2001 BSA Cleveland, Ohio Truce Campaign.  SAMs personnel provided focused and replicatable software license compliance services to over a dozen area companies.   
bulletSAMs Team Effectively Negotiated a major Oracle software contract which saved our client in excess of $2M.
bulletMicrosoft Select Documentation - The SAMs team can help you organize all those Select CDs into a compact repository and storage process which will save you extensive time and effort locating just the right CD.  One client utilizing this process has reported an 80% reduction in CD pick time.  How much does it cost you to locate and replace a single Select CD?  How many CDs have you lost because they haven't been documented and tracked?
bulletDouble Billing Deflection - Within a single month, the SAMs team located two separate incidences of double billing for a client.   Loss deflection exceeded $10,000.
bulletNegotiated Savings - The SAMs team located a recommended savings of 30% on a single support / maintenance contract.   Dollar value to client?   $20,000!
bulletNegotiated Savings - "SAMs Senior Manager saves client over $305,000 in renegotiated software licenses during the second quarter of Y2000."  More effective license negotiations CAN substantially reduce the cost of corporate software!
bulletNegotiated Savings - "SAMs team negotiates a savings of over $80,000 on purchase of 350 client server licenses and support."
bulletManaged Project Team implementing the transition and population of enterprise legal document details encompassing in excess of one hundred-twenty agreements for more than eighty major ISVs into the Argis Knowledge Base.   Client saved 60% in pick time for contractual documentation and experienced a completely new process for tracking documentation.
bulletNegotiated Savings - "SAMs team negotiates over $15,000 savings on single additional CPU license in first ten minutes of vendor discussion."
bulletDuring contractual negotiations with a single vendor, our client enterprise was facing nearly $1.6 Mil. in levied fees. The SAMs team located displacement products which cost client $90K.
bulletProject Managed leading team of systems analysts responsible for enterprise-wide legacy and operating system implementation for over 3,000 systems.
bulletNegotiated Savings - "SAMs team negotiates client savings of over $87,775 on Act! for Notes licenses."
bulletCorporate Merger License Project Management - Coordinated Independent Software Vendor (ISV) ‘notification of merge’ project for two major corporate data center evolutions.
bulletSoftware Asset Management Project - Manage Team which created and populated Corporate Knowledge Base with resultant contact and contractual details. Prioritize and guide initial negotiation strategies.
bulletManage key high level Independent Software Vendor Contract Negotiations which were responsible for sweeping changes in licensing process "enabling" corporation to better compete through changes in enterprise, MSU and MIPS-based OS/390 license schemes.
bulletManage ISV negotiations on regular basis with companies such as Computer Associates, Compuware, Platinum, Sun, BMC, IBM, SAS, Sybase, Oracle, Cisco, Lotus, Microsoft, Novell, HP, (others).
bulletProvided project management support to replace aging Netman asset tracking system. Guided the review of a wide range of strategic asset management knowledge bases, which culminated in the selection and implementation of Janus Technologies’ Argis application.
bulletManage renegotiations and documentation of agreements resulting from two separate OS/390 CPU upgrades as well as major Corporate Data Center relocation.
bulletInitiated project and managed enterprise implementation of SoftAudit software asset utilization tracking application.  Determined vital core knowledge content for use in knowledge base.
bulletRevitalized major corporate division and revived stalled technologies leasing project. Guided project team through to completion. Resultant corporate leasing program went live and saved company 45+% per average order.
bulletReorganized major ISV utilization monitoring and reporting mechanism, saving corporate entity extensive potential punitive damages due to non-compliance.
bulletProject Managed complete renovation of university technologies infrastructure.   Project included multiple sub-projects - Developing management hierarchy, 30 count fiber optic backbone, Novell/NT network, digital telephone system, voice mail, Internet access, email, security access and debit card system.



bulletDeveloped and performed training seminar for Contracts and Acquisitions team members in use of Argis program.  Provided training for wide range of other information systems personnel.
bulletIdentified and converted major network licensing from server-based to node-based format. Corporate savings fluctuated between $1,000 and $5,000 "per server" for more than 200 servers.
bulletInitiated conversion of strategic Microsoft licensing program resulting in ongoing savings on desktop packages exceeding $90 per desktop (6,000+ desktops). Savings on servers exceeded $1100 per server for 150+ NT servers.
bulletNegotiated purchase and use of an alternative hard drive duplication/configuration system to replace existing software-based solution. Time required to prepare new hard drives was subsequently reduced from forty-five minutes each to four drives per ten minutes (16 time step efficiency increase).
bulletDeveloped process for utilizing receipted email for notifications of data center CPU upgrades. Entire process lasted approximately a week per notification round. Savings of eight weeks of accumulated team labor over previous method.
bulletIntroduced the concept of negotiating for long-term effect rather than immediate price and "deals". Enterprise now evaluating contractual agreements with projected changes included in negotiation strategies.
bulletIdentified and implemented web-based solution to managing diverse project teams involved in enterprise-wide legacy migration. Process increased efficiency and timeliness of data by factors of 400%.

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