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Negotiations Strategies
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Do you want to stonewall the software piracy auditors?

If so, you absolutely need to learn how to establish and manage requirements criteria for ALL of your technology acquisitions. Software Asset Management isn't just about counting licenses in a closet. The key to this profession is the word management. If you are not managing the entire life cycle of the software asset -- the ENTIRE life cycle -- you are missing out on all the potential savings. In other words, you are losing much more precious cash than you are gaining benefit.

Take a look at this exclusive PDF Knowledge Briefing discussing the ways that you can enhance the effectiveness of your software asset management process. We'll be adding more articles soon.

Asset Management Process Effectiveness

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How do prominent ISVs or ISPs 'stiff' corporations for $100,000+ in penalties?

Hint : Does your team develop and follow negotiations strategies?
Hint : What are the precise limitations of your licenses?

Contact us for answers . . ..

It can be nearly impossible to find time in your busy schedule to develop a software negotiations strategy.  Yet, without a clearly defined strategy, effective negotiations are nearly impossible.  Unfortunately, too many corporations are caught in this trap.  The result: poorly balanced agreements in which you lose and many of the less "user friendly" Independent Software Vendors invariably win big.

Don't allow yourself to become trapped in this wheel.  Let the SAMs professionals help you clarify your short and long term goals and expectations.  In a very short period you will discover that the benefits of a firm negotiations strategy outweigh by far the frustrations and expenses incurred in negotiating without a plan.

A word about UCITA - Please take note of, and learn about, UCITA.   This act is going to impact your software utilization in a huge way.  In this case, what you don't know WILL damage your organization.  Go to the SAMs UTICA page.  Unless we defeat UCITA your organization will be paying drastically more for even its existing software assets.

Some considerations you might have left out of your last negotiations session might include:

bulletMerge-related language.  If you acquire another organization, will their team be legally entitled to coverage under your licensing, or will you have to completely renegotiate the entire contract?
bulletAre you locked in to MIPS?   MSUs?  CPU Serial Numbers?
bulletDoes your contract specify the difference between a "New Release" versus an "Improvement" of a given application?
bulletIF passed in your state, how will UCITA affect your contracts?
bulletCan you move an application between systems without penalty?
bulletDoes every minor change to your contract require complete renegotiations?
bulletDoes the ISV have a record of "Stiffing"?
bulletDoes your definition of "Site" or "Enterprise" match that of the vendor?
bulletIs there a mileage radius constraining your networked use of the application? (Yes.  We have encountered this issue.)
bulletDo you track successive negotiations sessions?
bulletThe list goes on....  Let SAMs help you reinforce your potential savings.

Tired of giving away corporate funding to ISVs?  Do you need assistance in preparing to save substantial money through more effective negotiations?  Contact us


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