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Software Asset Management is changing its name to:

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Mergers and acquisitions represent a significant risk for the enterprise. 

Scenario:  A company in Chicago was compliant and on track with its licensing and utilization.  They purchased another company and wound up paying BSA a penalty of over $300,000 for the newly acquired company's non compliant software.

Scenario: Another American corporation paid BSA a substantial fine because one of its overseas subsidiaries was non compliant.

Scenario: Again?  A third American corporation acquired a company with stated IT assets valued in excess of $4 million.  After acquisition, an audit found a catastrophic amount of that hardware did not exist.

The list of revenue unnecessarily sacrificed as a result of ineffective due diligence processes goes on. . ..   Make certain the M&A process is accurate:

bulletTake care in who performs your due diligence and in how they perform it;
bulletInsist on documentation, details, and records;
bulletDo NOT take "someone's word" that the incoming organization is compliant; 
bulletDo not rush the process;
bulletA quality audit takes time and focus
bulletAlternative?  Lose a lot of hard earned revenue...

Software Asset Management Services can assist you by performing a tightly focused software licensing and IT Asset audit of a potential acquisition.  The documentation you receive will be identical to the documentation utilized by the major compliance agencies and software publishers should they perform an audit.

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