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Time for a Change in Our Services!

Software Asset Management is changing its name to:

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Precisely how do your licenses allow you to use your software?

If you can't answer this question, you could be in for a surprise.  You absolutely must know and track this data to assure software license compliance. 

How do corporations lose virtually every compliance audit?

Answer:  Lack of knowledge of corporate software licenses.

Can you document exactly what software you are fully licensed to have on site?  How many copies?  Version levels?  Specifically which systems are configured with which software?  Can you detail precisely how the contracts state you are permitted to utilize those licenses?  Are all your licenses in one place?  Organized for immediate reference?  Do you know, specifically, what documents constitute legal proof of purchase?  Have you any idea where those documents are, right now?  Software Asset Management Services can help you perform these vital tasks.

Is there a risk if you can't produce this material?  YES!  Quite frankly, if you are accused of software license violations and do not have this information at your fingertips, the BSA, SIIA, or any other Compliance SWAT Team can legally bring your business operations to a complete and total halt while they conduct a forced audit.

How much would it cost you if your computer systems were

completely shut down for a day; or two?

Bring SAMs in to help with these issues.  Contact us to discover what software is REALLY configured on your corporate systems.  We provide the following:

Key Benefits

bulletDocument and Detail license, maintenance and support agreements
bulletDocument Key Ts & Cs
bulletIdentify and Document precisely where applications are configured
bulletDiscover duplication of service as well as over and under licensing issues
bulletPut your historical software purchase records in order
bulletBe comfortably prepared to deluge the compliance agencies with current and detailed documentation of ownership should you be audited
bulletHave immediate access to accurate details for use in justifying and strengthening hardware, software license and support negotiations

Key Issues

SAMs team members are accustomed to reviewing and detailing Terms and Conditions relating to software and hardware utilization rights and responsibilities.  We know how the compliance agencies conduct their audits, therefore we know how to prepare your company to produce the proper documentation well before you are targeted.

We also know where the average company tends to lose money on software investments.   We can find software licensing savings which you would never have considered possible.

Issue - Don't understand "permissive documents"?  (Contact us)

Contract Terms and Conditions can be confusing and often downright misleading.   SAMs personnel help you cut through the frustration and detail precisely how you are permitted to use your software.  Scary as it seems - we read software licenses for a living.
Issue - Can't achieve economies of scale?  (Contact us)
Many companies tend to fragment their purchasing responsibilities for software.  As a result, licenses can be scattered throughout the enterprise.  SAMs is accustomed to this trend and can assist you in revising your current policies so that they are conducive to effective license management.
Issue - Need corporate political "reality orientation"?  (Contact us)
SAMs personnel augment your employees.  We pick up on detailing where internal personnel have been too pressed for time to pursue closure.   With the support of top management, SAMs personnel can cut through the real world office political boundaries and enable you to consolidate and monitor agreements in the most effective manner possible.

Issue - Don't have a Certified Software Manager on staff?  (Contact us)

Many IT managers feel threatened by the thought that they might not have been utilizing software licensing correctly.  The SAMs team can become an ally to these individuals.   We know, and can defend, the reality of IT operations: Due to rapid growth, use of contract technicians, and a dozen other perfectly realistic explanations, actual license utilization can sometimes be mis-reported.  Rather than create frustration, SAMs corrects the inconsistencies and assists in bringing numbers back in line.

Issue - Tired of one-sided license agreements? (Contact us)

Many companies attempt to negotiate software and support agreements with little or no background in how they are actually utilizing the products.  Through building an effective negotiations strategy based on a detailed and accurate software repository, SAMs can dramatically reduce your bottom line.  Without these supportive facts you WILL lose position at the table.

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