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ribbon_small.gif (2174 bytes) Have you forgotten what you felt on the 11th?  We haven't - and we never will. 

We will remember those human beings of all nations who lost their lives and those who lost loved ones in all the chaos that surrounded 9/11 and its aftermath. . .


Since making the entries below, I have conducted over 130 face to face seminars across the United States, Canada, & Australia.

I am also currently building an entire project management curriculum for The University of Akron in Akron, Ohio.

I'll get this page back up to speed soon.

Pirates Cover April.jpg (45051 bytes)Have you read the Number One

Business Resource for 2007?

If you are searching for real world knowledge relating to software compliance, copyright compliance, this is the book for you. 

If you want details regarding the multi-million dollar copyright enforcement industries, this book is where you'll find them.

Read the Table of Contents & Sample Chapter

Discover both the strategies and the cost effective processes by which you can become an expert at protecting your company from the software police & copyright cops using front-line tested strategies & tactics to ensure that your company does not become an easy audit target. 

Knowledge: beyond mere power

And we intend to deliver all the power you can use...

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Time for a Change in Our Services!

Software Asset Management is changing its name to:

The Business Technology Consumer Network

Our focus has shifted from consulting to delivering knowledge to software and technology asset managers around the world. We are helping you build a communication network of asset managers to share knowledge and enhance this profession. Come join us--at no cost. Become part of the solution:


An Incredible Series of New Seminars Will Soon be Posted at:


Check out the all new online training program:

Conducting the Defensive Software Piracy Audit

This program is designed to deliver a cutting edge awareness of the enforcement audit process and the strategies/tactics you desperately need to minimize the financial and credibility impact on your company.

Bottom Line: You can cut your software compliance audit losses by as much as 75% simply by applying the knowledge delivered in this single training program.

More to come!


Previously Conducted Seminars

Independence, Ohio   

bulletUsing ITAM strategies to save 10%-18% of your overall IT Budget...
bulletCertified HW & SW audit processes for mainframe - network - desktop...
bulletStreamlining the IT Buying and Asset Tracking Process...
bulletWhat is the truth about Software License Compliance...
bulletHow is your organization at risk - financially - legally...
bulletGet your questions answered...

This seminar provided immediate access to the expertise of Certified Software and IT Asset Managers who were here to provide answers - not sell products.

Buying Information Technology

(Professional Conference Center -  Stark County, Ohio)

Introduction to, and Overview, of the processes for strategic buying of computer technologies - hardware and software - desktop, client server, mainframe.

bulletDeveloping a Strategic Purchase Plan;
bulletPrioritizing Needs;
bulletVendor Selection;
bulletNegotiations Strategies;
bulletBuilding Support;
bulletStrategic Communications;
bulletAnd more...


Organizational Change Management

A seminar conducted for the

Project Management Institute - Northeast Ohio Chapter

The CEO of Software Services will conduct this seminar on managing change during and after major organizational projects.  Change Agents can transform a potentially failed project into a resounding success - IF they understand human nature as it applies to change in the work place.  This seminar discusses the risks and opportunities represented and provides real world recommendations for facilitating successful long term change.

Introductory Seminar in Strategic IT Asset Management (ITAM)

Greenwood, Mississippi   

Participants were exposed to the infrastructure necessary to support a strategic IT Asset Management Program.  Topics Included:

bulletOverview of ITAM
bulletEffective Software Asset Management (SAM)
bulletLicense Management
bulletOrganizational Policies & Procedures
bulletDocumenting Support & Maintenance Agreements
bulletStrategies for Reduced IT Spending

Each attendee received valuable information with which to begin a proactive ITAM program. 

Estimated costs savings potential for this seminar was over $40,000 per attendee.*

*(Based on the strategic answers provided by practicing ITAM and SAM experts in response to actual attendee questions and scenarios.)

Real World Project Management           

(Professional Conference Center - Stark County, Ohio)

Introduction to Managing Projects in the Real World

Participants reviewed the issues related to initiating, planning, executing, controlling and closing a project.   Topics included:

bulletInitiating a project from concept through initial buy-in;
bulletDeveloping a scope statement and planning out the basic project;
bulletWork Units & Developing the Work Breakdown Structure;
bulletIdentifying & Planning for the Critical Path;
bulletHuman Interaction in Project Operations;
bulletProject Documentation;
bullet& more...

Become an Effective Negotiator

(Professional Conference Center - Stark County, Ohio)

Introduction to, and Overview of, Contract Negotiations

Participants were exposed to the issues related to strategic negotiating, pre-negotiations strategic planning, building negotiating teams, administrative buy-in and other concepts.   Topics included:

bulletPhases in Strategic Negotiations;
bulletSetting Goals Directly Linked to Corporate Planning;
bulletDeveloping Strategies based on Critical Corporate Information;
bulletDeveloping "Home" and "Away" Team Metrics;
bulletPrioritizing Issues;
bulletCommunications, Conceptualizing Reality;
bulletTiming and Observation;
bulletEven more...

Lean Sigma / Six Sigma Project Management Techniques

(Professional Conference Center - Stark County, Ohio)

Introduction to Managing Projects in the Lean Sigma / Six Sigma process.

Practicing Lean Sigma / Six Sigma Team participants discussed the issues related to strategic project management, building and managing effective teams, administration and documentation and other concepts.  This session balanced out the concepts of the Project Management Book of Knowledge with the concepts of Lean and Six Sigma.  Topics included:

bulletIdentifying, prioritizing, organizing and tracking tasks across multiple projects;
bulletProject Management Documentation;
bulletDepicting & interpreting current state and future state;
bulletProject cost benefit infrastructure;
bulletSetting goals across the project life cycle and beyond;
bulletBuilding on the critical path;
bulletTask and Time Relationships in the Work Breakdown Structure;
bulletProject Communications;
bulletMaintaining ongoing project process after the project is complete;
bulletAnd more...

Many other seminars have been conducted and are planned.  Do you have need of strategic training in a seminar setting?  We can provide dynamic speakers with real world expertise to motivate your personnel and expand your potential!


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