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Data Scrubbing
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Expanded Service!

Data Scrubbing Service

If you have already conducted a compliance audit but would like assistance building your documentation, this service is for you.  In the data scrubbing service Software Services provides you with:

bulletReview of your audit data to identify issues of concern relating to a single compliance event or your overall non compliance exposure.
bulletAssistance in setting up the precise reports you require to document your compliance to a specific agency or publisher.
bulletWe can filter/scrub your data in-house or in our facility to reduce disruption to your environment.
bulletWe can train your personnel in the methods of collecting and reviewing audit data.

Software Services Certified Software Managers have experience in reviewing raw audit data.  We can significantly reduce your audit costs by eliminating the need for internal personnel to learn the fine points of compliance data scrubbing.  Or, we can reduce your costs to come up to speed in the audit process.

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