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Time for a Change in Our Services!

Software Asset Management is changing its name to:

The Business Technology Consumer Network

Our focus has shifted from consulting to delivering knowledge to software and technology asset managers around the world. We are helping you build a communication network of asset managers to share knowledge and enhance this profession. Come join us--at no cost. Become part of the solution:


Does your corporation know, absolutely, what the software numbers are?

Or are you just one toll free confidential phone call away from a visit by a federal marshal?

The SAMs Team performs a thorough analysis and reconciliation of your software assets after it has completed the detailing and documentation of your contractual agreements as well as the detailing and documentation of your actual inventory.

This is the most critical part of our services.  Here is where we identify any discrepancies between what software "should" be present and what you "actually" have in house.  These identified discrepancies allow you the opportunity to increase or reduce your inventories to ensure that you are thoroughly compliant with software licensing.

Remember the key issue here is to assist you in becoming compliant - without your company having to pay out the tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars in settlement fees regularly levied by the compliance organizations such as the BSA and SIIA when they perform an audit and locate the same discrepancies.

Let the Software Asset Management Certified Software Managers help you protect your hard-won corporate assets from these potential legal actions.  Please note, though - it is critical to remember that effective software management is not merely about compliance.   The issue here is one of "asset management".   Your corporate software is a major investment.  It only makes sound business sense to closely monitor how it is purchased and used.  Without accurate control, you will lose money at all points of the software asset management compass.

Key Benefits

bulletKnow that what software products you "should" have match up with what products you "do" have?
bulletIdentify areas of under or over buying, enabling you to level out your software investments.
bulletKnow that the titles you are licensed to utilize are products you really need and use; not "fad toys" but productive corporate tools.
bulletMinimize your Real Cost of Ownership through more effective control.
bulletHave available documented evidence of ongoing proactive physical efforts to become and remain compliant.

Contact us for effective control and third party documentation of software compliance.



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