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ribbon_small.gif (2174 bytes) Have you forgotten what you felt on the 11th?  We haven't - and we never will. 

We will remember those human beings of all nations who lost their lives and those who lost loved ones in all the chaos that surrounded 9/11 and its aftermath. . .


Are you interested in saving money on your software investments? Interested in protecting your organization from financial losses due to license non compliance?  Please help us to better serve you by taking a moment to tell us about your needs. All information will be held in confidence.

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 Implementing Corporate Software Asset Management Infrastructure

Effective Policies & Procedures License Agreement Tracking
License Compliance Strategies License Negotiations Strategies
Due Diligence  

Discovery & Repository Tools

Generic Tool Implementation* Asset Insight Implementation
TSCensus Implementation Eracent Implementation
Argis Implementation Other

(*SAMs is one of the country's top experienced and

Certified Software Asset Management providers.)

Software Compliance Audits

SAM Audits Industry Voluntary Audits
Industry Forced Audits Setting Up Your Own Audit
Data Scrubbing for Submission Do You Need Immediate Help?

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