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ribbon_small.gif (2174 bytes) Have you forgotten what you felt on the 11th?  We haven't - and we never will. 

We will remember those human beings of all nations who lost their lives and those who lost loved ones in all the chaos that surrounded 9/11 and its aftermath. . .


Announcing the industry's first:

Guide to the

Technology Asset Management Body of Knowledge


Discover the critical capabilities that help you become a successful asset management professional. Developed by asset managers FOR asset managers. This cost-effective Guide has been designed by The Institute for Technology Asset Management to serve as the foundation for creating supplier-neutral Professional Development Content - content for courses that you can trust to help you, or your enterprise, establish and grow your own asset management initiative.

The Guide serves as a practitioner-designed guideline for the topics you need to apply to proactively manage assets - not merely for compliance, but for life cycle cost and risk reductions coupled with increased ROIC. The TAMBOK explores the knowledge baseline for the following credentials in the technology asset management field:


Software & Copyright Compliance Assurance


Software Asset Management


Technology Asset Management


Technology Portfolio Management

Inside the Guide

You'll discover the Four Critical Life Cycle Process Groups the enable practitioners to reach across time to optimize the value derived from technology spending.

You'll find the Six Major Practice Areas that asset managers must understand to bring maximum value to their enterprise.

You'll also be introduced to the Fourteen Capabilities that set well-trained technology asset management practitioners apart.

You can purchase your TAMBOK - your Guide to the Technology Asset Management Body of Knowledge, HERE.  Or, you can get your free digital edition of the Guide by becoming a member of The Institute for Technology Asset Management - the only non profit association of professional technology asset managers. Follow the link for details on the Institute.

What if I told you that I could help you become a much more effective technology asset manager?

What if I could help you enhance your professional career?

How about helping you build a personal knowledge base that expands your future employment prospects?

Would you be interested in increasing your skills in:

Software Asset Management?        Negotiations?

Software Piracy & Copyright Compliance Assurance Topics

Technology Life Cycle Management?        Project Management?

Let us know if these links give you any difficulties.

Pirates Cover April.jpg (45051 bytes)The Only Book of Its Kind...

The TOP Business Resource for savvy Software Asset Managers
Corporate Management, Executive Management, &
Technology Asset Management Professionals

Peer behind the smoke & mirrors of the "software police" & "copyright cops".

Discover proven methods for conducting your own software license & copyright compliance audits - while minimizing the impact on your company (or yourself).

Read the Table of Contents & Sample Chapter

Ask for this unique book wherever books are sold.  It will save you tens of thousands of your hard-earned dollars when (not if) the software police or copyright cops come calling.

Hello!  I'm Alan L. Plastow.  As you may know, we have changed our company into a global network of software & technology asset managers.

Software Asset Management has changed its name and operational focus to:

The Business Technology Consumer Network

We have shifted from consulting & training to developing & delivering vitally needed industry knowledge to software and technology asset managers around the world. We are helping you build a communication network of asset managers to share knowledge and enhance our professions. Come join us--at no cost. Become part of the solution:      www.biztechnet.org

Unsure of your preparedness?

Review the initial blogs at BizTechNet.org, Then log on to the free member area and discover strategies & tactics for:


Delivering more effective software & copyright compliance assurance,


Reducing software, hardware, & service-related costs & risks,


Simplifying negotiations strategies and processes,


Basic project management techniques that enhance your ability to get things accomplished,


Building your personal & professional qualifications to armor your career against the whims of corporate downsizing,


Understanding the critical roles played by human and organizational change management in nearly every job you take,


And much more...

Finally: The Network is a true vendor-neutral resource that represents your interests, not those of some multi-billion dollar technology industry player...and certainly not those of the enforcement industry players. 

We are here to help you prevent piracy and non compliance issues before they arise.  At the same time, and using the same techniques & tools, we enable you to cut technology costs by as much as 25% or more.

BizTechNet.org:  The Network...         


Contact Information

Contact us at any time to initiate discussions relating to your needs; or to merely ask advice! The Network is currently operational and our strategies & tactics are not only internationally applicable but they apply to virtually any size company. Regardless of where you are located, or how big or small your company may be, we can help one another cut IT costs & risks--without throwing away unnecessary funds on false starts or vendor hype. We can save you money and help you avoid risk. Contact us and we'll show you how The Network of global technology asset management professionals can be there for you - We Deliver - wherever you are located, whenever you need the support.

Postal address
314 South Street
          Louisville, OH 44641   USA
Electronic mail
General Information: helpme@biztechnet.org

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